Are you...

  • An artist?
  • curator?
  • collector?
  • scholar working on a catalogue raisonn√©?

Index Projects gives you the tools to create comprehensive documentation. Tools designed to remove barriers of cost and complexity. Tools that before now were only available to institutional and corporate collections. Creating online documentation is no
longer a complex, expensive task. Index Projects allows anyone to create permanent, online records of artwork.


Subscribers work online. Index Projects maintains your documentation
"in the cloud." That means:

  • You manage your catalog through any device that connects to the Internet.
  • You have automatic daily backups with no need to maintain software.
  • You can upgrade your computer without worring about data.


You decide who can view your records. Index Projects lets you:

  • Restirct access so that only you can view the catalog;
  • Give certain people access to view the catalog via a username and password; or,
  • Allow anyone with an Internet connection to view the catalog.

And you can change your mind and select a different access option whenever you wish.