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Index Projects

Documenting Artwork

Index Projects is designed to document artwork and share the records you create on your terms - if, when, and how you want to share. 


Whether you are an artist, curator, collector, or catalogue raisonné scholar, the artwork you are passionate about deserves comprehensive documentation. 


Index Projects is a cataloging platform anyone can learn to use. No special software skills needed. 

Screenshot 2022-04-01 17.11.00.png


 Index Projects allows anyone to create permanent, online records of artwork.



  • Manage catalog with any device.

  • Automatic daily backups.

  • No need to maintain software.

  • Computer upgrades without data worries.



You are the only one with "add-change-delete" authority. But you decide who can view your records:

  • Restricted access - only you can view the catalog;

  • Access via username and password; or,

  • Allow anyone with an Internet connection to view the catalog.

Find all the details in How It Works:

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