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Subscription Process

There are six steps in the subscription process:

  1.  Subscriber Form - Initiate the subscription process by completing the Subscriber Form. The form lets us know who we will be working with so we can approve your use of the cataloging platform. Index Projects reserves the right to decline subscription requests.

  2.  E-mail Notice - After we review the Subscriber Form, we send an email to you with a link to initiate the catalog. You can expect to receive the email the next business day after you submit the form.

  3.  Set Password - When you click on the email link, you will be prompted to set a password for your catalog.

  4. Terms of Use Acceptance - After you set a password, the system presents the Terms and Conditions of Use. Accepting these terms will take you to the subscription payment step.

  5. Payment via PayPal - We use PayPal for processing subscription payments. Using PayPal means that we do not receive any credit card information from you. You do not need your own PayPal account. You can use PayPal on a one- time basis for this transaction. Just follow PayPal instructions.

  6. Begin Building Catalog - When you complete the PayPal transaction, the system takes you back to your catalog page where you can begin building your catalog.

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