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Image by Lili Cambalova

Administrative Details

As the subscriber, only you can add, change, and delete records and perform other administrative tasks. You also have full control over who can view your catalog. You have the following options and the ability to change which option you want whenever you want.

Closed Catalog
The default setting for new catalogs is “Closed”; that is, only you can view the catalog.

Access via Username and Password
You can enter an email address and password for certain individuals you want to be able to view the catalog. Index Projects will send a notice to the email address about access to your catalog. This method allows you to grant and retract access to certain people whenever you wish.

Access via Password
You can establish a password and then give that password to anyone you would like to be able to view the catalog. This method is easier than managing usernames and passwords but you have only one way to limit viewing – deleting the password which cuts off access to everyone.

Open Catalog
You can make the catalog available to anyone with an internet connection and post links to your catalog on a website or social media platform.

You can upload an image to serve as a logo for your catalog. The logo image will appear near the title and description of your catalog.

You can alter the colors of header bars and text on the pages of your catalog. There are thirteen elements of page design for which you can set color values. The process allows you to select among predefined colors or enter hexadecimal codes for precise color specification. If you change colors and then decide you don’t care for the result, just use the “Revert to Default” option.

Index Projects displays information about your catalog on the “Usage Details” page. The system keeps track of the number of object records, the total size of the catalog in megabytes, the total size of image files in megabytes, the renewal date for your subscription, and an estimate of the renewal fee based on the current size of your catalog. 

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