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Walking In Gallery

How It Works

Index Projects has all the tools you need to document works of art. Record formats organize information. Search functions let you find records in any way that makes sense to you. You can customize the appearance of your catalog. And the system keeps track of important statistics. 


  • Collection Record - Create a description of the body of work and include an image to serve as a logo.

  • Object Records - Record all the important information about each object.

  • Images - Add as many images as you need for a comprehensive view of the object.

  • PDFs - Add links to as many PDFs as you need for a comprehensive description of the object


  • Tags - Create tags to group similar objects together for display. Any object record can have any number of tags.

  • Text Search - All fields in Object Records are indexed for speedy results on text searches.


Real-time reporting keeps you up-to-date on the dimensions of your catalog:

  • Number of object records

  • Number of image files

  • Number of video files

  • Number of audio files

  • Total catalog size in megabytes


Use default  or change any of thirteen  specifications to customize the style of your catalog. 

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